Writer & Poet

Encounter the dark, the difficult, and the inexplicable in poems and short stories by Richard Leis. These published works, found in anthologies, literary journals, and online, offer readers glimpses into wonders both known and hidden in the dark. Explore the fractal darkness of his imaginative landscapes for yourself.

Recent Publications

Journal cover of Star*Line issue 45.4 (Fall 2022) with an abstract illustration of red, white, and black strokes that are jagged, perhaps resembling rivulets of blood. Cover illustration is "Untitled 8 * by Adam Mars.

“[animal revolt]”

vol. 45, no. 4
04 Oct 2022

List of poets in Issue 11 of Impossible Archetype, to be released on 31 March 2022

“ad perficiendum”

Impossible Archetype
no. 11
31 Mar 2022

Adult Children anthology book cover against text background

“Pangaea Proxima,” “Panthalassa,” & “Juniper Tree, Boy and Bird”

Adult Children: Being One, Having One & What Goes In-Between
Wising Up Press
01 Jan 2022

And Coming Soon…

Two speculative poems. One award-winning SF magazine.