In a Mirror, Dimming
Eye to the Telescope (15 Jul 2020)
Forthcoming: Issue 37 “The Sex Issue”

Witch House
Eye to the Telescope (15 Apr 2020)
Available Online: Issue 36 “House & Home”
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Impossible Archetype (30 Mar 2020)
Download PDF: Issue 7
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Various Poems

Semi-Finalist: 2020 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards

Elysium to Lethe Through Athabasca Valles
HiRISE MarsPoetica (06 Nov 2019)
Available Online: Twitter
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[Aliens are here]
Star*Line (Fall 2019)
Purchase: Volume 42, Issue 4
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Various Poems

Shortlisted: Shadow Award 2019
The Molotov Cocktail (20 Sep 2019)
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November in Portland
Impossible Archetype (26 Aug 2019)
Download PDF: Issue 6
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Nominated: 2021 Pushcart Prize XLV

Impossible Archetype (25 Mar 2019)
Download PDF: Issue 5
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Various Poems

Semi-Finalist: 2019 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards

Coward’s Unsent Query Letter Including Chapter Summary of Memoir Not Written

3rd Place: 2018 “Write-to-Read” Contest
The Writers Studio Tucson

Foolishly into the Ocean

self-published (07 Aug 2018)

a haunting & Annular Eclipse
Manzano Mountain Review (01 May 2018)
Available Online: Issue No. 2
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Nervous Bambi
Impossible Archetype (19 Mar 2018)
Download PDF: Issue 3
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Various Poems

Finalist: 2018 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards

These Are the Animals You May Eat

1st Place: 2017 “Write-to-Read” Contest
The Writers Studio Tucson
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My Unbelievable Man
The Laurel Review (10 Oct 2017)
Available Online: Volume 50, Issue 2
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Looking Ahead

self-published (21 Aug 2017)

Roadside Freak Show
Impossible Archetype (21 Aug 2017)
Download PDF: Issue 2
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self-published (13 Aug 2017)

Various Poems

Winner: Hattie Lockett Awards 2014
The University of Arizona

A Poem Constructed at the University of Arizona Poetry Center

self-published on Hi (17 Jul 2013)
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The Canal

Shortlisted: Flashpocalypse Contest
The Molotov Cocktail (15 May 2020)
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The Yogurt Swimmer
Coppice & Brake
(Crone Girls Press, 21 Mar 2020)
Purchase: Crone Girls Press
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Rail Work
House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature
(House of Zolo, 01 Jan 2020)
Purchase: Volume 1
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The Center of Dirty
Cold Creek Review (28 Mar 2018)
No Longer Available: Issue 5
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If Everyone Was Standing Outside My Door

self-published on Hi (18 Nov 2013)
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Creative Nonfiction

Work Schedule
Submittable Blog (27 Aug 2018)
Contributed to:Fail Better: Creations and the Classroom
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Editor’s Note: Ancient Moments of Telling
Tiny Donkey (06 Apr 2016)
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Editor’s Note: Magic Mirrors on Every Wall
Tiny Donkey (06 Jan 2016)
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Cosplay Buffet
Fairy Tale Review’s Fairy-Tale Files (14 Aug 2015)
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What We Lose
Tiny Donkey (12 Aug 2015)
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Once Upon a Microchip
Fairy Tale Review’s Fairy-Tale Files (05 Jun 2015)
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The Technologists Grimm
Fairy Tale Review’s Fairy-Tale Files (20 Feb 2015)
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A Haunting

self-published on Hi (14 Dec 2013)
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Why We Go to the Ocean

self-published on Hi (29 Sep 2013)
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No Graveyard: 7th Alcor Conference Recap
Cryonics (1st Quarter 2008)
Download PDF: Volume 29:1

self-published (09 Oct 2007)
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