Richard’s poetry has been published multiple times in Impossible Archetype and has appeared in The Laurel ReviewManzano Mountain Review, HiRISE’s MarsPoetica, and Star*Line. His fiction has been published in Cold Creek Review and is forthcoming from The House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature. His essays about fairy tales and technology have been published online at Tiny Donkey and Fairy Tale Review’s “Fairy-Tale Files.” Richard earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona in 2015. Following that, he began taking writing workshops at the University of Arizona Poetry Center and The Writers Studio Tucson. Richard now teaches writing workshops and is a Tucson Poetry Festival board member. Recently, he has been participating in the various NYC Midnight fiction writing challenges and in National Novel Writing Month 2019.

Cover of Issue 3 of Impossible Archetype, a Journal of LGBTQ+ Poetry, edited by Mark Ward
Cover of The Laurel Review 50.2
Cover of Issue 2 of Impossible Archetype, a Journal of LGBTQ+ Poetry, edited by Mark Ward


Elysium to Lethe Through Athabasca Valles

HiRISE (MarsPoetica)
06 November 2019

[Aliens are here]

Star*Line 42.4 (Fall 2019)
22 October 2019
(print, PDF)

November in Portland

Impossible Archetype, Issue 6
26 August 2019


Impossible Archetype, Issue 5
25 March 2019
(online, PDF)

Foolishly into the Ocean

07 August 2018

a haunting & Annular Eclipse

Manzano Mountain Review, Issue 2
01 May 2018
[blog post]

Nervous Bambi

Impossible Archetype, Issue 3
19 March 2018
(online, PDF)
[blog post]

My Unbelievable Man

The Laurel Review, 50.2
10 October 2017
(print, online)
[blog post]

Looking Ahead

21 August 2017

Roadside Freak Show

Impossible Archetype, Issue 2
21 August 2017
(online, PDF)
[blog post]


13 August 2017

A Poem Constructed at the University of Arizona Poetry Center

self-published on Hi
17 July 2013


Rail Work

House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, Volume 1
November 2019
(print, ebook)

The Center of Dirty

Cold Creek Review, Issue 5
28 March 2018
[blog post]

If Everyone Was Standing Outside My Door

self-published on Hi
18 November 2013


Work Schedule

Submittable Blog
27 August 2018

Contribution for “Fail Better: Creations and the Classroom

Editor’s Note: Ancient Moments of Telling

Tiny Donkey
06 April 2016
[blog post]

Editor’s Note: Magic Mirrors on Every Wall

Tiny Donkey
06 January 2016

Cosplay Buffet

Fairy Tale Review’s “Fairy-Tale Files”
14 August 2015

What We Lose

Tiny Donkey
12 August 2015

Once Upon a Microchip

Fairy Tale Review’s “Fairy-Tale Files”
05 June 2015

The Technologists Grimm

Fairy Tale Review’s “Fairy-Tale Files”
20 February 2015

A Haunting

self-published on Hi
14 December 2013

Why We Go to the Ocean

self-published on Hi
29 September 2013

7th Alcor Conference Recap

Cryonics, 29:1
1st quarter 2008


Tucson Poetry Festival

Board Member beginning November 2019.

Horror Writers Association (HWA)

Supporting Member beginning 2019.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA)

Lifetime Member as of 2019. Member 2016 – present.

Critters Workshop

Member on and off since 1997.


Shadow Award 2019

Short listed for “Burning Baby” and “The Pretty Men”

Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards

Finalist in 2018, semi-finalist in 2019

The Writers Studio 4th Annual Write -to-Read Contest (2018)

3rd Place for “Coward’s Unsent Query Letter Including Chapter Summary of Memoir Not Written”
Judge: Alice Hatcher

The Writers Studio 3rd Annual Write-to-Read Contest (2017)

1st Place for “These Are the Animals You May Eat”
Judge: Ted McLoof

2014 Hattie Lockett Undergraduate Student Poetry Award

One of three winners for “He can wear hats,” “The Talents,” and “The Divorce of Lilith and Samuel”
Judge: Karen Brennan
Learn more about Hattie Greene Lockett


Tucson Festival of Books Masters Workshop

2019 Poetry Instructor: Marilyn Chin
2018 Poetry Instructor: Mary Jo Bang

The Writers Studio Tucson

The Writers Studio provides local and online writer workshops that focus on persona writing and narrative technique. There is a chapter in Tucson. Completed Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master workshops and craft classes (2016 – present)
Instructors: Lela Scott MacNeil, Philip Ivory, Janelle Drumwright, and Reneé Bibby

The University of Arizona Poetry Center

The University of Arizona Poetry Center provides a library and archive of poetry as well as readings and other literary events, including community workshops and craft classes, at the Helen S. Schaefer Building. Completed various workshops in poetry and screenwriting:

The University of Arizona English Department

B.A. Degree in English & Creative Writing (December 2015)
Instructors: Laura MillerJoshua Marie Wilkinson, Brianna Scott MacNeil, Joel SmithKate Bernheimer, Susan Briante, Brent Hendricks, Kendra Mullison, and Farid Matuk


Frontier Channel

The Frontier Channel was a news and commentary website about “The Great Frontiers of cyberspace, outer space, the ocean, and destinations in between.”

RADIO Frontier Channel

RADIO Frontier Channel was a podcast from the Frontier Channel in 2005 that included science and technology news and interviews with scientists at the University of Arizona.