Published Writing

Impossible Archetype # 2 cover

Roadside Freak Show

Published in Impossible Archetype #2
21 August 2017

“The thing crafted from fabric and plaster, / more pile of dirt and wet cardboard / than realistic human skeleton, lies /
under glass in a white cinderblock / coffin elevated over the concrete floor”

More information: My First Published Poem: Roadside Freak Show

Editor’s Note: Ancient Moments of Telling

Published in Tiny Donkey
6 April 2016

“Biologists reconstruct the descent histories of life forms on planet Earth as the tree of life, its dense trunks and branches leading from common ancestors to new species. Such phylogenetic relationships are not limited to biology.”

Editor’s Note: Magic Mirrors on Every Wall

Published in Tiny Donkey
6 January 2016

“Locations are connected by wormholes.”

Cosplay Buffet

Published in Fairy Tale Review’s Fairy-Tale Files
co-written and edited by Jon Riccio
14 August 2015

“How far are people willing to alter their appearance?”

What We Lose

Published in Tiny Donkey
12 August 2015

“What must a boy lose to become a little bird? In ‘The Juniper Tree,’ by the Brothers Grimm, the boy loses more than just his head and his life after he is murdered by his evil stepmother.”

Once Upon a Microchip

Published in Fairy Tale Review’s Fairy-Tale Files
edited by Jon Riccio
5 June 2015

“In ‘A Toy Princess,’ a fairy tale from the 1877 collection On a Pincushion by English writer Mary de Morgan, an emotional and expressive princess named Ursula grows up in a kingdom of such incredible politeness that its subjects have demonized almost any form of empathy or feeling.”

3-D printed trachea for transplant

The Technologists Grimm

Published in Fairy Tale Review’s Fairy-Tale Files
edited by Jon Riccio
20 February 2015

“Body transformation figures prominently in such fairy tales as ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘The Juniper Tree.’ New medical technologies may not change boys into birds or the monster-laden into attractive spouses, but they can radically transform both the quality and life expectancy for people suffering from a variety of ailments.”

Link to "A Haunting" essay and image of a gecko

A Haunting

Self-published on Hi
14 December 2013

“The lizard, now dead, is haunting me.”

Link to essay "Why We Go to the Ocean" and image of ocean and rocky beach

Why We Go to the Ocean

Self-published on Hi
29 September 2013

“We don’t go to the ocean because there is salt water in our blood.”

Link to poem "A poem constructed at the University of Arizona Poetry Center" and image of poem on a postcard

A Poem Constructed at the University of Arizona Poetry Center

Self-published on Hi
17 July 2013

“Human civilised the most popular sound: / talking”

Cryonics volume 29.1 cover

7th Alcor Conference Recap

Published in Cryonics volume 29.1 [PDF]
1st Quarter 2008

“Alcor is no graveyard.”