Writer of the Dark, the Difficult, & the Inexplicable

Another world is seeping into our own. Encounter the uncanny, the apocalyptic, and the heartbreaking in poems and short stories by Richard Leis.

Writing in Progress

In June and July 2022, you can help support Richard and raise funds for the annual Clarion and Clarion West Writing Workshops by pledging or donating at the following links:

Richard’s goal is to write the first drafts of six flash fiction stories (up to 1500 words each) in six weeks. These will be science fiction, fantasy, or horror stories.

Encouragement is also greatly appreciated!

Fundraising Goals

Clarion funds raised: $265 of $200
Clarion West funds raised: $50 of $200

Writing Goals

Flash fiction – Week 1 – 844 of 1500 words
Flash fiction – Week 2
Flash fiction – Week 3
Flash fiction – Week 4
Flash fiction – Week 5
Flash fiction – Week 6
Covers of books and magazines that include Richard Leis's writing, set next to each other in the background

Recent Publications

You discover everything around you is falling apart and breaking down, and then, so are you. The fraught relationship between parents and children. An unexpected escape opens up in the garage.

List of poets in Issue 11 of Impossible Archetype, to be released on 31 March 2022

“ad perficiendum”

Impossible Archetype
no. 11
31 Mar 2022

Adult Children anthology book cover against text background

“Pangaea Proxima,” “Panthalassa,” & “Juniper Tree, Boy and Bird”

Adult Children: Being One, Having One & What Goes In-Between
Wising Up Press
01 Jan 2022

“From Them Prostrate I Flee”

Stories We Tell After Midnight 3
Crone Girls Press
30 Oct 2021

And Coming Soon…

Apocalypses are personal and “ad perficiendum” was only the beginning.

Two new speculative poems.

One award-winning SF magazine.