Month: January 2002

  • Hype Robs Me of Sleep

    I have worked the graveyard shift for several months. Twice now I have resisted going right to bed after work so that I could instead watch on television the unveiling of new technology. In December 2001 I watched the unveiling of “It”, otherwise known by the code name Ginger, on ABC’s Good Morning America. In…

  • The Frontier Channel Technology Fund

    This fund currently consists of stock in two technology companies: 153.162 shares of Constellation 3D, Inc. [defunct link] (Nasdaq: CDDD) 63.953 shares of Electric Fuel Corporation (Nasdaq: EFCX) The total purchase price of these shares has been $1109.97. At the close of the market on Friday, January 18, 2002 the value of this fund was $203.20