Month: April 2004

  • The Frontier of Entertainment

    There is nothing left on television for me to watch now that the powers that be have canceled two of my favorite series (“Angel” and “Wonderfalls”) and the potentially interesting series “Century City”. I look forward to the day when the Internet becomes the “Grid“, a hybrid of the Internet, supercomputers, and cable television. The […]

  • Titan’s Slow Unveiling

    The European Southern Observatory has released new images of Saturn’s moon Titan taken by telescopes right here on Earth. Titan is the only moon in our solar system with a significant atmosphere and some detail is visible in these latest images. In January 2005, the Huygens probe will float down through Titan’s atmosphere and take […]

  • Humans and Robots Hold Hands

    Marshal Brain’s latest Robotic Nation Evidence entry (04/05/04) seems to be stretching things a bit, but first impressions can be misleading. He illustrates what I have long held to be a sure sign of a rapidly changing world: the tiny changes that individually seem insignificant but in number indicate a coming tidal wave of change. […]

  • Goodbye Gigahertz

    AMD and Intel have recently turned away from advertising the clock speed of their microchips in mega- and gigahertz and are instead assigning model numbers. It has long been suggested by experts that a given microprocessor’s speed is a poor measure of actual performance. For example, AMD Athlon chips have slower speeds than their Intel […]

  • Open Source Hardware?

    IBM is offering partners the design architecture of its Power processors, beginning with the current Power5 chip. In doing so, IBM hopes to create an ecosystem of processors meant for devices ranging from handhelds and consumer electronics to supercomputers. Opening up software or hardware allows others to get in and see the details, and depending […]

  • Mars in 3-D

    There are few things more beautiful to me than rocks and landscapes. I am not sure why. It may have something to do with my appreciation for fractal shapes and reoccurring patterns across multiple scales. To truly appreciate the picture in this story, you must have 3-D glasses. This picture is of the Claritas Fossae […]