Where is the Science and Technology!?

You might be wondering what the hell is going on with the FrontierChannel.tv blog. Where is all the science and technology? This blog focuses primarily on the frontiers of science and technology, but these frontiers also intersect the frontiers of thought and society, among others. For example, now that gay couples can marry (for the moment and officially only in Massachusetts), near-term issues will include the rapidly advancing science of same-sex procreation, adoption rights, employment benefits for same-sex couples, gender reassignment technology and the science of gender, state versus federal rights, and many more. Not all of these issues are new, but the progress of society means that we jump to a new level of complexity, with old and new challenges more compelling and far-reaching than ever before. Frankly, I am frightened, happy, confused, and excited, and I would choose no other time in which to live.

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