Phoebe Unveiled

The best pictures ever taken of Saturn’s moon Phoebe are streaming back to Earth as Cassini rapidly approaches. Just before 2:00 pm Pacific Time today, Cassini will pass over Phoebe. The two images in the composite above were taken about 13 hours apart and show two different hemispheres of the moon. The moon appears to be heavily cratered. The latest images can be seen at the Cassini-Huygens website, which will likely be updated rather frequently today.

Published by Richard Leis

Richard Leis is a poet and writer living in Tucson, Arizona. His poetry has been published in or is forthcoming from Impossible Archetype and The Laurel Review. A work of flash fiction is forthcoming from Cold Creek Review. His essays about fairy tales and technology have been published online at Tiny Donkey and Fairy Tale Review's Fairy-Tale Files. Richard is also Downlink Lead for HiRISE at the University of Arizona.