Further Out

Let’s follow this one trend in technology further. So far, the devices discussed already exist, some as consumer products and others as laboratory models.

After the device that records the audio and video of the life surrounding you, new families of devices will record your body metrics, such as heart rate and skin temperature. Currently, when a doctor examines you, he or she is simply getting metrics for your health at one moment in time. They may look at the metrics from a previous visit but then they must extrapolate what has happened in between the two examinations. Around 2015, details about your body will be recorded all the time, so that a doctor (or AI doctor) can truly see what has been happening with your health during any set period of time.

In the years that follow, the detail of such recordings will increase until a simulation of you and your surroundings based on these recordings will be nearly indistinguishable from reality. The brain itself will come under examination and should begin to reveal secrets ultimately helpful to the development of artificial intelligence. At such a rate of progress, it becomes meaningless to continue this exercise further. What does it mean to have such detail and the means to playback and examine such detail? Our brains cannot comprehend such an idea, even though we can hear the whisper of it in our future. As always, such exercises bring us to the Singularity, past which all such prediction is meaningless. And yet, in such a short time are such wonders ours to experience, prior to that event when we will have to be so much more to truly understand what is going on around us.

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