“Dolphin Returns to Land”

When those of us who do focus on the future, we often see through anthropomorphic glasses; that is, we think in terms of humanity only. But the emerging future promises profound changes to other species of life on this planet as well.

Even if humans had not created “technological” evolution, “natural” evolution would have continued to modify life on this planet. The future might have seen the return to land of sea mammals like the dolphin, or the emergence of advanced intelligences from biological stock other than primates. With the rapid acceleration of progress in human technology, we change the environment in which “natural” evolution works and set new initial parameters, to create a future that cannot possibly be human-centric. Instead, the future is a chapter in the book of life rich with a plethora of biological narratives interwoven with technological narratives.

Someday (perhaps sooner than most people realize) the descendents of dolphins might walk on the land. Likewise, descendents of humans might swim the oceans. And every other extant species, be they biological, technological, or hybrid, will have their own narrative in the chapter of life on the Earth.

If you find such a future impossible to contemplate through your anthropomorphic glasses, then it is best not to pick up the book containing this chapter along with the other chapters of life in the universe alien to our own.

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