Who Are You?

Who are you that you can tell me what to do? Who are you to tell me that I cannot pirate my digital content, take drugs, have sex with whomever I choose, dress how I want, color my hair how I want? Who are you to tell me that I cannot experiment with myself?

Who the hell are you?

I know who you are. You are the person that thinks my freedoms will give you more freedom than you want to handle. You are the person who thinks that careful regulation of every aspect of a person’s life will somehow protect you. You are self conscious. You think I am looking at you. You are that person who wants to hold on to their own power at the expense of others. You fear change. You are nosy. You have to be involved in other people’s lives. You cannot live on your own. You cannot imagine more. You fear yourself.

Who the hell are you to think you have any power over me? Why do you think I grant you any say over my life? I could care less about you and I care more for you than you will ever know. It is humanity that I love, and not you, and who do you think you are to expect my respect, my love?

I do not answer to you and I do not acknowledge your right to regulate my life. Take your laws of fear and stuff them. LEAVE ME ALONE!

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