Month: May 2005

  • Star Trek Ends with a Whimper

    [Commentary] | [Spoilers] I have always been a fan of Star Trek. The first three series are wonderful. Then came Voyager. The series premiere was promising and then the series quickly tanked. I skipped most of it but decided to check out the finale. Horrible. Then there was Enterprise. Started out promising and then quickly […]

  • My Life – Planetary Exploration and Rapidly Accelerating Change

    A little over a year ago after a few rough months I decided to start doing what I wanted to do, rather than helping other people with their own goals and dreams. I guess I just didn’t have the confidence before to strike out on my own. An acceptance letter from the University of Arizona […]

  • First Image of Exoplanet Confirmed

    Last year astronomers working with the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile released an image of what appeared to be an exoplanet orbiting a brown dwarf. In January 2005 the Hubble Space Telescope was used to snap another image, providing initial confirmation that the two bodies were gravitationally related (previously reported […]