Extreme Driving Comfort

Hardy explorers of Antarctica may soon travel in stylish and warm comfort thanks to a design concept by James Moon working with the British Antarctic Survey. “Ninety Degrees South” is a concept vehicle designed to seat two people while providing protection from the elements. Outfitted with both wheels and tracks, the vehicle would theoretically be capable of traversing the dangerous terrains of Antarctica. The path ahead would be canvassed by a pathfinder vehicle attached to the main unit by an umbilical cord. The pathfinder is equipped with ground-penetrating radar to look for crevasses in the ice and other hazards.

Moon, a student at the Royal College of Art, developed his concept based on expert advice from the British Antarctic Survey regarding specific environmental requirements of such a vehicle and other factors, such as how the vehicle would be transported to Antarctic. The images made available are concept art. “Ninety Degrees South” has not been built nor is it in active production, but the concept could lead to new generation of vehicles built for extreme environments.

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