Month: September 2005

  • New drug for Eternal Life

    From Wired, via This could be huge. “Genetically altered mice discovered accidentally at the Wistar Institute in Pennsylvania have the seemingly miraculous ability to regenerate like a salamander, and even regrow vital organs. If the results can be translated to humans, it would be a dream come true for people who want to live […]

  • Name Change to Cybernudism

    What is up with the name change? “Leis On Life” did not exactly fit what I am trying to do with this blog. Sure, this is me commenting on life, but it has become a bit more specific than that. I focus mostly on science and technology and how humanity is dealing with the rapid […]

  • The Google Code

    All the excitement of a Dan Brown bestseller, but real. The hot new obsession for the technology geek in the know is trying to figure out what Google is up to. While conspiracy theorists spend years weaving dire tales from the fewest of crumbs, the Google devout can feast upon an absolute smorgasbord of Google […]

  • The Singularity Is Near – Book Released

    Book cover of The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil

    Raymond Kurzweil’s latest book about the Technology Singularity, this time focusing on the merger of humanity with our technological creations, was official released today in bookstores everywhere.

  • EBay Buys Skype – The Communication Platform Wars Begin

    The announcement today that eBay was paying US$2.6 billion for Skype left many people scratching their heads. What in the world is an online auction retailer doing buying a two-year old VoIP telecommunications company? The mistake confused people are making is that eBay is not an online auction retailer, and Skype is not a VoIP […]

  • Space Elevator Gets FAA Lift

    I ran across this great news on Pay attention, folks. We are turning the exponential bend… “LifePort has received approval from the FAA test its space elevator prototype. In early fall, a balloon will carry a elevator ribbon up to a mile high. Robotic lifters will then crawl up and down the cable testing […]

  • “It’s about life” – Mark McAllister and the 2.0 Project

    Mark McAllister is a twenty-year-old man with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare condition that causes the degeneration of motor neurons and the weakening and wasting away of muscle. In a wheelchair since age 3, McAllister is fighting the inevitability of his death: victims of SMA do not live much past 30 years of age. […]

  • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Launches

    The next orbiter mission to Mars was scheduled to launch on Wednesday, August 10, 2005 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. Launch actually occurred two days later, in a flawless event that resulted in a healthy spacecraft heading to the Red Planet. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) carries with it the highest resolution camera yet sent […]