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ISS007-E-10807 (21 July 2003) --- This view of Earth's horizon as the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean was taken by an Expedition 7 crewmember onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Anvil tops of thunderclouds are also visible. Credit: Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

Image Credit: ISS007-E-10807 (21 July 2003) – Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

Name Change to Cybernudism


Read Richard’s current thoughts about transhumanism and related fringe topics here.

What is up with the name change? “Leis On Life” did not exactly fit what I am trying to do with this blog. Sure, this is me commenting on life, but it has become a bit more specific than that. I focus mostly on science and technology and how humanity is dealing with the rapid progress in both.

Cybernudism is a word I coined that represents that Internet-inspired drive to expose yourself to the world, in more ways than just visually and nakedly. Now that everyone and their grandmother seems to have a blog, every inane photograph and video clip is showing up on the net, amateurs are trying to be talk show hosts, and (unavoidably) all sexual mores appear to be well-represented somewhere in cyberspace, it is time to reflect on what it all means for humanity.

Cybernudism is also a response to “Big Brother” and “Little Brother”. The escalating invasion of privacy by the government and your next door neighbor can be combated with a philosophy that there are no secrets to exploit if you no longer keep secrets. Cybernudism suggests leaving behind anonymity (without any requirement to volunteer information) and instead taking responsibility for your own revealing to the rest of the world.

And then again, maybe not. The point of this blog is to discuss those possibilities, while highlighting the several ways science and technology are radically changing what it means to be human, sentient, and free.