Month: October 2005

  • Transitional Video

    With video now available for your iPod, your cellphone, your television, your computer, your car, your sunglasses, and your refrigerator, there is only one place left for video to go. Before I tell you where that is (it should be obvious by now,) let me highlight recent announcements about the future of video. NBC News […]

  • Marshall Brain – Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?

    [Updated 09 Mar 2022 to fix link and change title of website, changed from its original, more sensational title.] Marshall Brain, founder of the How Stuff Works website and author of several books and futurist writings (The Robotic Nation and The Day You Discard Your Body) has launched a new site exploring the paradox of […]

  • Thoughtful Blasphemy

    [Updated 05 September 2022 to fix links and add updated title of Marshall Brain’s essay.] Marshall Brain used his engineering and computer science experience to help an Internet audience learn How Stuff Works, and then turned his attention to exploring The Robotic Nation. While finding Robotic Nation Evidence everywhere and contemplating on how this may […]

  • An Open Letter to Apple

    Dear Apple (with greetings, and apologies, to Disney/ABC), Thank you. Thank you for finally providing legal downloads of television shows. I just deleted all the episodes of “Lost” I downloaded via Bittorrent and from now on I will pay US$1.99 per episode (plus tax in my state) the day after that episode airs on the […]

  • Rocketboom: Video Brilliance

    Tivo and Bittorrent have allowed viewers to cull through the dreck of mainstream network television and the onslaught of nearly 18 minutes per hour of commercials to create an experience they will not give up easily. With vidcasting, viewing video entertainment has become an absolute joy again. Of special note is Rocketboom, hosted by the […]