Marshall Brain – Why Does God Hate Amputees?

Marshall Brain, founder of the website “How Stuff Works” and author of several books and futurist writings (“The Robotic Nation” and “The Day You Discard Your Body”) has launched a new site exploring the paradox of God. If medical miracles really happen, then why have amputees been ignored?

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Richard Leis

Richard Leis

Richard Leis (he/him/his) lives in Tucson, Arizona where he writes poetry and fiction, attends and teaches writing workshops at the Writers Studio Tucson, and works for HiRISE, a team in the Lunar & Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona with a camera in orbit around Mars onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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  1. I didn’t read past the first page, because I found a serious flaw in logic right on the first page…“If God is real, then we should certainly post the Ten Commandments in our courthouses and shopping centers, pray in our schools and eliminate the theory of evolution from every curriculum. We should focus our society on God.”…If God is real, how does any person know for a fact, definitively, that he advocated the 10 Commandments, that he approves of the Bible & everything in it, that he disapproves of people learning about evolution, or that he’s so egotistical & needy that he wants everyone to ignore every other facet of life in order to devote everything in adulation of Him?Or is that what this site is about? How God isn’t the problem, but that human religion is?Because it seems to me everyone linking to this seems to think this is some kind of logical argument against the existence of God – which is foolish, because it’s definitely NOT. It might be an argument against certain aspects of human religion, but that’s about it.

  2. The statement you quote is not what the “Why Does God Hate Amputees?” website is about. In addition to arguments regarding certain aspects of human religion, the piece includes arguments about the existence of God.The opening page does present some interesting questions. If God is real, then the views of the religious are understood, at least by the religious themselves, to be correct. Brain suggests through his use of specific Christian examples in the United States that it would make sense, if God is real, to also establish these aspects of human religion, since they are the will of God.

  3. Chloe, the ‘God’ to which Mr. Brain refers on the entire site is the Christian God. The Christian belief is that the bible is the revealed word of God.It is in this context in which you must evaluate his statements. No logical flaw. You posit a ‘God’ that is not the Christian god in your rebuttal. Therin lies your error.

  4. The question of “why doesn’t god cure amputees” isn’t an airtight argument about the existence of god, it’s really just something that should make any believer stop and ask themselves a few questions.Do you believe that god can cure cancer? Do you believe that god has healed those with heart conditions? Do you believe that god heals those with emotional disorders, learning disabilities, diabetes, or high blood pressure? If you believe in those things, then do you believe the god would heal an amputee?If a cancer patient came to you looking for guidance, would you suggest that they ask god to heal their cancer? Now how about if an amputee comes to you for guidance, would you suggest that they ask god to heal them and grow them a new limb? If not, why the difference?I’d suggest that the reason why people pray for god to cure cancer, but don’t pray for god to restore limbs to amputees, is that deep down in their hearts, they know that he won’t do it. Probably because deep down in their hearts, they know that he doesn’t really exist.

  5. “Why won’t God heal amputees” is straw targeting. Really an excuse for hard line athiest materialism – nothing new but the preachy fundamentalist style.

    Problem is understanding how athiests justify using their brains to figure all things out? If life began as a blind, automatic process, with no purpose in mind obviously our brains were never INTENDED to draw intellegent conclusions!

  6. Very interesting.
    A pastor I know , once said to the assembly, “you are the only Bible some people will ever read”
    The comments made here here prove this to be true.
    Likewise for “” and “”
    I submit to you that the book of Genesis is not written TO anyone but, FOR everyone. The books Exodus through John is OLD TESTAMENT and written TO the nation of Israel but is FOR everyone. The book of Acts covers a change in program and is to be understood what has happened. Heaven until the middle of Acts is Heaven on earth and it is offered to Israel, from that point on Heaven that is offered can be defined thus; The Kingdom OF GOD IN Heaven and it is offered to all that would have it. The Pauline epistles were written TO the Body of CHRIST.
    The old testament prophecy has in its sight the world redeemed THROUGH the nation Israel (Jews) the Mystery has in sight salvation going to the world without the nation of Israel. Most Pastors, Preachers and Christians do not understand this because the treat the scriptures like they are magic words that cannot be understood. a mid acts dispensationalist treats the word of GOD as though it were intelligent information and was meant to be understood through the normal process of Who, What, How, When, Where and Why. For example Peter was delivered from prison by an angel, Paul was not delivered from prison. Paul was temporarily delivered from assassins but only by a happenstance. Paul was imprisoned for the sake of the gospel but , he was imprisoned as an evil doer, yes, a crime(s) he never committed (acts 21:38)
    See; and
    Or you could consult your local Rabbi, he will also tel you that the Chrisians are not following Jesus as they claim to be (
    Fascinating, an unbelieving Jew understands the new testament because it is scripture and the believing Christian doesn’t have a clue.

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