Praying for Return

Headline on “Girl, 5, stumbles from woods to delight rescuers

“Little’s husband, Brian, said parishioners have been “praying for his whole family.””Obviously, we’re giving all the glory to God on this one,” Brian Little said.”

Obviously, the glory belongs with the smart little survivor, you awful people! You might as well give the glory to a unicorn or the Loch Ness Monster as well while you are disrespecting the little girl. Instead of praying for the whole family, why not get out there and search? Raise some money for a nice and expensive toy for the girl? I wish people would actually do something instead of their useless praying, and I wish news sites would remember what it means to be objective and quit including prayer quotes in ever freaking story.

But my wishing is just as effective as their praying.

Richard Leis

Richard Leis

Richard Leis (he/him/his) lives in Tucson, Arizona where he writes poetry and fiction, attends and teaches writing workshops at the Writers Studio Tucson, and works for HiRISE, a team in the Lunar & Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona with a camera in orbit around Mars onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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