Announcement: Marcus Guillen of Artificial Development

Marcus Guillen of Artificial Development (AD) announced today at the Singularity Summit 2007 the company’s first commercial product: the CCortex Spiking Neural Network Engine. A mammalian brain simulator, the technology can simulate up to 100 billion individual neurons and up to 100,000 synapses per neuron.

A free version will be provided online, as well as Developer, Evolution, and Platform versions. Using an AJAX-based GUI, users can simulate brains from mice to humans, depending on the computing resources available for the effort. AD will provide computing utility services, and will also allow customers to use the software on the customer’s own systems. Environmental inputs to the simulated brain in the form of cameras, microphones and other sensors can be added to the platform.

While the current technology itself is not AGI, Guillen suggested that simulating brains will one day lead to successful AGI. The platform model will improve over time as AD includes more information from the cutting-edge of brain research and as other companies make use of this technology in their own product development and research.

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Richard Leis

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