Challenges & Opportunities: The Future of Nano & Bio Technologies – Introduction

Simone Syed at NanoBio 2007

Image caption: Simone Syed (and Michael Anissimov of Accelerating Future) at the Nano/Bio 2007 conference.

My day:

I am very excited to be attending the Nano/Bio Conference 2007 put on by World Care and CRN (Center for Responsible Nanotechnology). I was allowed to come to this conference on scholarship after Lisa Hopper, the conferences organizer and visionary, found out that I was a student and an active member of h+, a transhumanist club at the University of Arizona. The conference is very small, she told me. A total of 37 people have signed up as of this morning. As I walk into the room, I am told that this is an interactive conference; a question and answer format will be prevalent throughout the four days of lectures and workshops, which excites me. I love interactive formats, and small and closed groups where I can meet and talk to people I may actually like to be friends with. I immediate sat down next to a boy about my age, and as he introduced himself to me, I realized that I know him online. He is an editorial assistant for Kurzweil Industries, which is pretty freaking cool. Michael Anissimov is my ‘friend’ on the transhumanist network and it turns out that he knows quite a bit about our h+ club! Michael explains that h+ is the most active student transhumanist club that he has come across. Go, us! I have also met another woman, by the name of Cairn Idun, whose husband has been cryonically suspended. At 8:30 Lisa Hopper opens with her presentation on the beginnings of World Care.

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