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Mark McAllister started The 2.0 Project a couple years ago to bring attention to the plight of those who cannot secure the insurance or funding required for cryonics preservation services due to pre-existing conditions. I interviewed him for a Frontier Channel article about his efforts and he has since become a good friend.

On February 08, 2008 the next version of The 2.0 Project website is expected to launch, with an expanded mission. I have seen some of the early concept art for Mark’s new site and it is fantastic. The new placeholder hints at what is coming. I cannot wait to see the new site.

Mark recently posted a video on Marblejars, a fundraising site centered around video messages. Under the topic “Funding for Cryonics Suspension” Mark discusses Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and his efforts to raise US$80,000 (or marbles in Marblejars parlance) for cryonics suspension services from Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

I have highlighted other fundraiser efforts recently. If you have the funds to support occasional donations to worthwhile causes with a transhumanist bent, Mark’s fundraising effort is one to seriously consider.

3 thoughts on “The 2.0 Project on Marblejars

  1. I was surfing the web and came across this article and it so happens that I have a medical condition that is very hard for me to deal with and costly. I found myself looking over the fund raising site and I joined to see if I too can recieve some much needed help…

    While I was there I found a story of a user that I like and found myself donating to that individual. I think its a great idea and I hope it grows into what it could potentially become!

    Best of luck to Mark and MarbleJars


  2. I just read this and wow, I looked at this Marble Jars website and I cant believe how cool it is, I now have to figure out a great video to make to score some marbles, oh and good luck to Mark and thanks to Frontier Channel for covering what I consider to be real news, instead of the usual Paris or Britney hair and panty b.s. Thanks…. Up Up and Away to marblejars…..LOL


  3. All right, Mark McAllister, Alcor is best for a neuro suspension. But raising $80000 with donations looks like a tricky thing. Congratulations that you scored more than 100 marbles. But without an income that doesn’t match so well with the financial requirements of Cryonics Organizations as usual, sites like are the default choice. They are useful for the storage of mindfiles and help to preserve personal information if membership at a Cryonics Organization is actually out of sight or reanimation after Cryonics seems to get less successful than intended. From my personal point of view, a membership at Cryonics Institute seems to be a better deal when your savings account hits the $1500 point. Well, CI is just better due to your limited financial resources.

    Finally, there must be a way for the bold idea to gather up information about how to deal with KrioRus. Logistics are complicated in this case, but some people might profit from their low membership fees. When funds can’t exceed the $20000 point, I could quite well imagine a mindfile in connection with Tissue Freezing at CI. However, I don’t know if my advice is compatible to expert knowledge. Please correct my suggestions if they aren’t realistic!


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