Month: February 2011

  • Important Progress in Equal Rights for LGBT

    Today brings great news regarding the slow but steady march toward equal rights for all LGBT citizens. In expected but still wonderful news, Hawaii has become the seventh state to authorize civil unions (three states that previously enacted civil union laws now allow gay marriages). There are now 13 states and one district that allow […]

  • Apple’s Subscription Gamble

    Apple announced their digital media subscription service for the iOS App Store today and reaction has been all over the place, though for certain classes of people it has been overwhelmingly negative. Developers and publishers especially are not happy with the service requirements. For digital media like streaming video from Netflix, Hulu Plus; streaming music […]

  • “Back to the Future” Photography

    “Back to the Future” Photography Very cool idea from a photographer with amazing (and sometimes a little NSFW and surprising) results.

  • “A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans” in NYTimes

    “A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans” in NYTimes “Virtually any job that now involves answering questions and conducting commercial transactions by telephone will soon be at risk.”

  • h+ Mafia? No.

    What did Sarah Lacy of TechCrunch find when she took a look “Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia”? There is the same kind of “in the family” interactions between the various companies started by ex-Facebook employees as there are for the other technology mafia since the 1990s, but in addition there seems to be […]

  • Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is coming up and it is a holiday I detest. It is on my list of most horrible annual events, next to April Fool’s Day. Every Valentine’s Day I pretend very hard to not notice that it is occurring. However, in the spirit of openness and truthfulness – especially to myself – I […]