Month: November 2013

  • “If Everyone Was Standing Outside My Door”

    “If Everyone Was Standing Outside My Door”

    “If everyone was standing outside my door, there would be people six deep between my door and the brick wall that separates the apartment complex from the parking lots and roads of this suddenly populated land.”

  • Crowdfunding Possibilities 16 November 2013

    These are the crowdfunding projects I’m supporting, considering supporting, or otherwise wanting to share this week. Unstuck #3: New Literature of the Fantastic and the Surreal Ends on November 20, 2013. “A big, lavishly illustrated new anthology of short stories, poems, and essays with elements of the improbable and the uncanny.“ Obduction Ended on November…

  • Book-Making and Other Analog Treasures

    Book-Making and Other Analog Treasures

    This is the time to enjoy the way things used to be or are currently, before everything changes due to technology. A day of physical book making followed by watching VOD.

  • Udacity Pivots and Education Remains Difficult

    While tens of thousands of people might sign up for a single massive open online course (MOOC), very few of them complete the course, and very few of those demonstrate competence  with and retain what they have learned. So Udacity – founded by MOOC proponent Sebastian Thrun – has pivoted, slightly, according to this article from…

  • It Hurts

    It Hurts

    A long time ago when I lived in Rochester, New York, I stupidly wrote a letter to a coworker and mailed it to his home. It was not really a love letter, but it might as well have been.