Return to Oz

A homeless scarecrow, heartless
Dorothy, cowardly robot, and anencephalic lion
accompany you back into the closet
where you will stay this time.

Without witches, there are no
tornado warnings, and without colors,
the mining of emeralds
lining the brick

way leaves you and your
companions black lung
monkeys. They screech.
They jitterbug. They make

prisons out of slippers. There is home.
Your only home. Home to the wizard
tired of your visits, tired of you
forgetting the broom.

#NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 8

Published by

Richard Leis

Richard Leis is a fiction writer and poet, with his first published poem forthcoming later in 2017 from Impossible Archetype. His essays about fairy tales and technology have been published on Tiny Donkey. Richard is also the Downlink Lead for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) team at the University of Arizona. He monitors images of the Martian surface taken by the HiRISE camera located on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in orbit around Mars and helps ensure they process successfully and are validated for quick release to the science community and public. Once upon a time, Richard wrote and edited the science and technology news and commentary website Frontier Channel, hosted the RADIO Frontier Channel podcast, and organized transhumanist clubs. Follow Richard on his website (, on Goodreads (richardleis), his (@richardleis), Twitter (@richardleisjr), and Facebook (richardleisjr).