Clear the station! Evacuate!
Grandchildren are coming!
Grandchildren are coming!

Their parents left twenty years ago, fled
on flow winds between the stars, hidden
rapids outside space and time, leading one
gravitational point source to the next
more quickly than it takes to fall into
or climb out of the parent starwell,
to skip hop between the rock colonies,
to rise from the Earth to the moon

and back again.

The message only just arrived!
So little time!
Back to centers, back to basics,
back to where we started!

They fled our cyborg parenting
skills, promised to leave Earth
to our hybrid machine and primate
philosophies, sought continued animal
husbandry on alien Earth parallels, besotted
to biology with minimal silicon ancestry,
broke our hearts and insisted we no longer
beat with them. Our only children!

No help is on the way!
Grandchildren we never met!
Come to see Earth for the very first time!

Abandoned by our only children, we were
so happy to hear from them, but they
sent us final warning:

Your grandchildren are coming, they were
more than our children, and after they
have devoured us they are eager to meet
you. Born under alien suns, they found
no measure for their parent, but distance
to their grandparents and the burning desire
to know them. Remember us, your sorry
children, and run, Mother, run, Father,
your grandchildren are coming after they
have left us dead, home in our exile graves
so far from where we left you, but no longer
far enough.

Your grandchildren are coming!

#NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 25

Published by

Richard Leis

Richard Leis is a fiction writer and poet, with his first published poem forthcoming later in 2017 from Impossible Archetype. His essays about fairy tales and technology have been published on Tiny Donkey. Richard is also the Downlink Lead for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) team at the University of Arizona. He monitors images of the Martian surface taken by the HiRISE camera located on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in orbit around Mars and helps ensure they process successfully and are validated for quick release to the science community and public. Once upon a time, Richard wrote and edited the science and technology news and commentary website Frontier Channel, hosted the RADIO Frontier Channel podcast, and organized transhumanist clubs. Follow Richard on his website (, on Goodreads (richardleis), his (@richardleis), Twitter (@richardleisjr), and Facebook (richardleisjr).