Tonight the wine turns to water
and flows back uphill, leaving
the gripes behind, and our son,
the vast acres of land owned
by our parents, the local
heap of help and acceptance,
the mountains and their valley
stomping, marriage equality,
clouds of vinegar, dust
and moisture, our fermenting
curse words under years
of labels, bottled
up, corked, stored
for the two of us to sell
or on this perfect
anniversary shatter at our
feat of lasting this long a part
of a bouquet sniffed without
identifying cedar or caramel,
care or amends, the chances
we took, hints of smoke,
when the sun froze,
when he noticed, and now old
enough and adopted,
he rises to toast much more
than the vintage whines of his fathers.

#NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 26

Published by

Richard Leis

Richard Leis is a fiction writer and poet, with his first published poem forthcoming later in 2017 from Impossible Archetype. His essays about fairy tales and technology have been published on Tiny Donkey. Richard is also the Downlink Lead for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) team at the University of Arizona. He monitors images of the Martian surface taken by the HiRISE camera located on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in orbit around Mars and helps ensure they process successfully and are validated for quick release to the science community and public. Once upon a time, Richard wrote and edited the science and technology news and commentary website Frontier Channel, hosted the RADIO Frontier Channel podcast, and organized transhumanist clubs. Follow Richard on his website (, on Goodreads (richardleis), his (@richardleis), Twitter (@richardleisjr), and Facebook (richardleisjr).