Self-Actualization #1

Daily drive-thru, snacks of Cheetos,
chocolate, and any ice cream, churn
out a pint of heartburn to go
with sides of fried tongue,
throat, and inner linings, extra spicy,
with cheese, and for dessert delicious
ticking time pastries: accumulated

            deposit wrapped organs
         desert-baked. Skin summer
hot in winter, night sweat boiled
in chest pools, holes spot-weld
in plantar fasciitis, pointing
fingers dried, knees and hips
hissing snap, crackle, or stop,
all by globular warming.

Ideal wait? Lifestyle changes

             after finishing
a bag without

body shaming.

#NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 15


It’s really appalling what I ate today and how much of it I ate.

And yet I don’t want to descend into depression, body shaming, or generalizations about overweight or obese people. A clinical appraisal of my own health and habits, yes. A set of steps I should take tomorrow, when my quotidian cycles begin again and while my hebdomadal cycles reach their brief Sunday end. Longer-term goals that lead eventually to overall good health. But not a focus on physical appearance, a focus so frequently distorted and imagined by bully eyes. The road to health is bound on one side by nutrition and exercise and on the other by love for self.

I preceded this poem with a bulleted list of categorized goals I would like to reach for purposes of self-actualization. This poem covers just part of the “Daily Healthy Habits and Disease Prevention” category, thus leading to the title of the poem. It’s a suggestion that there might be future installments that tackle the other categories and goals I listed for myself.

Or I die tonight of a sugar-and-salt induced heart attack.