Month: October 2017

  • Appearance Wrap-Up: “Room: A Literary Reading” at Antigone Books

    Image of white doors opening into white room with wood floor and all-cap text of the word "room" in red at the top of the doorway

    Facebook video Last Friday, two other writers and I from the Writers Studio Tucson had the singular opportunity to read our fiction and poetry that we wrote in response to a spooky prompt by guest judge Ted McLoof for the third annual “Write-to-Read” contest: “Three people wake up in a room. They have no idea…

  • Happy National Coming Out Day!

    I came out to my mom twenty years ago, the day after Ellen Degeneres came out on national television. I was so inspired but I was so terrified. I could only make the attempt over the telephone and I couldn’t even say the words; I made my mom guess until I finally said “Yes” when…

  • Notebook Full of Poetry Fragments

    Small Field Notes notebook full of handwritten poetry fragments next to an ink pen for scale

    A tiny celebration for a small accomplishment: a little notebook full of handwritten poetry fragments.