“Nervous Bambi”

“He blinks and I’m not sure if he’s trying / to embarrass me or if he’s confused by me, too. / He has to be lying.”

Impossible Archetype
Issue 3
19 March 2018

A father has questions for his gay son.

My latest poem was published today in Impossible Archetype issue 3. I’m so happy to be included. Impossible Archetype, edited by Mark Ward, is one of my absolute favorite publications and has developed nicely over these three issues. The other poems in this issue are incredible.

I wrote the first draft of “Nervous Bambi” in October 2014. Earlier this year, I changed the point-of-view persona narrator, and that made all the difference. It was a difficult poem to write, for obvious reasons, and especially because the persona narrator is a tough person for me to relate to, but the experience of writing from his point of view made me a little more sympathetic to him.

I expect another poem to be published soon and my first published piece of fiction is only a week or two away! I cannot wait to share these with readers.

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