“My Unbelievable Man”

Cover of The Laurel Review 50.2, cherry, pineapple slices, and woman bathing graphic design

The Laurel Review
vol. 50, no. 2
10 Oct 2017

“His shoulder next to my shoulder / is warm pressure communication”


All about a man, an unbelievable man. An imaginary man?


What a beautiful cover!

My poem “My Unbelievable Man” was published in the latest issue of The Laurel Review and it’s my first poem in print (and now available online, too)! I received my contributor copies in the mail this week. The experience of reading one of my poems in a physical paper journal is surprisingly different than reading it in a digital document or online. I’m not really sure how to describe it except that the journal has heft that makes the poem feel more real and very special.

I wrote the poem last July, revised it a few times, and submitted it to potential journals last August.  Before I had heard back from all of them, I revised the poem yet again, something I really don’t recommend doing. I thought that the new version was better, but when The Laurel Review accepted it, I was reluctant to ask if they would consider a new version instead. It’s a good thing I didn’t ask; comparing the two versions now, I like the earlier and now published version a lot better.

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