New Poem: “My Unbelievable Man” in The Laurel Review 50.2

Cover of The Laurel Review 50.2

My Unbelievable Man
The Laurel Review (10 Oct 2017)
Available Online: Volume 50, Issue 2

Look at that beautiful cover!

My poem “My Unbelievable Man” was published in the latest issue of The Laurel Review and it’s my first poem in print (and now available online, too)! I received my contributor copies in the mail this week. The experience of reading one of my poems in a physical paper journal is surprisingly different than reading it in a digital document or online. I’m not really sure how to describe it except that the journal has heft that makes the poem feel more real and very special.

I wrote the poem last July, revised it a few times, and submitted it to potential journals last August.  Before I had heard back from all of them, I revised the poem yet again, something I really don’t recommend doing. I thought that the new version was better, but when The Laurel Review accepted it, I was reluctant to ask if they would consider a new version instead. It’s a good thing I didn’t ask; comparing the two versions now, I like the earlier and now published version a lot better.

His shoulder next to my shoulder

is warm pressure communication

from “My Unbelievable Man”