The 2018 Rhysling Anthology

The 2018 Rhysling Anthology: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Poetry of 2017 Selected by the Science Fiction Poetry Association by Linda D. Addison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A few of these poems are five-star speculative poems, but several did not appeal to me, especially those with lots of adjectives, mythology, and/or werewolves (I still do not get speculative poets’ apparent obsession with werewolves, a creature I did not have any strong feelings against until I started reading speculative poetry.)

Neil Gaiman’s “The Mushroom Hunters” was my personal favorite in the collection, along with Mary Soon Lee’s “Advice to a Six-Year-Old” and all her other poems, Linda D. Addison’s “Sycorax’s Daughters Unveiled” (despite what I said about mythology above), Cislyn Smith’s “Hot”, and Shannon Connor Winward’s “The Raven’s Hallowe’en.”

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