“Foolishly Into the Ocean”

Upside-down image of sandy beach, distant cliffs, and blue ocean and sky.

07 Aug 2018

Divert the river from the ocean!
Divert the stream from river,
from lake. Divert the rain

from ground,
from rooftop,
from cloud.

it in handfuls, carry
your handful up
the mountain. Dump it into the air.
The air can take it!
The sky takes everything!
Breathe your last water.
Give your breath and your meat,
your light from your eyes,
your heavy from your shoulders,

a radiation from where you are mirror,
seam, explosion. Outside, you are outside,
you are outside, you are outside,
you are all
outside, you are
only outside.


Where should water flow if not eventually into the ocean?


Written in response to then-President Donald Trump’s tweet on August 8, 2018 about water “foolishly being diverted into the Pacific Ocean.”

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