New Poem: “Distraction” in Impossible Archetype, Issue 5

Distraction,” my latest poem now available in issue 5 of Impossible Archetype (a free PDF download), began as an exercise in anaphora and setting to tell a larger story. I also wanted to capture a particular mood.

I’m always impressed with Impossible Archetype, but this issue seems to contain within itself a particularly impressive range of poetic styles, voices, and topics. I’m so excited to have been included.

Richard Leis

Richard Leis

Richard Leis (he/him/his) lives in Tucson, Arizona where he writes poetry and fiction, attends and teaches writing workshops at the Writers Studio Tucson, and works for HiRISE, a team in the Lunar & Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona with a camera in orbit around Mars onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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