“[Aliens are here]”

vol. 42, no. 4
Fall 2019

Aliens are here.

My latest poem is also my very first science fiction poem published! It’s an untitled tiny poem that starts with “Aliens are here” and I’m especially happy it was accepted by Star*Line, a quarterly journal from the Science Fiction Poetry Association. I’m a lifetime member of the organization and have been learning about how to write speculative poetry by reading their dazzling publications.

These Star*Line issues are full of fantastic short or longer speculative poems. This issue can be purchased for $5.00 via PayPal or check by mail. An annual membership provides four issues of Star*Line as well as other SFPA publications.

 UNREAL: Readings from Writers Studio Tucson Teachers
Antigone Books in Tucson, Arizona
18 Oct 2019

Read “[Aliens are here],” “Phantom Taste of Apricot on My Tongue,” “Cities Through Telescopes,” “City as Fairy Tale,” and “Burning Baby.”

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