Month: April 2020

  • Snow by Ronald Malfi

    The rapid pace doesn’t get in the way of good details and atmosphere; I felt the cold, eeriness, and rising tension along the way. What they encounter is creepy as hell and led to heart-pounding horror and heartbreaking deaths.

  • We Are Monsters by Brian Kirk

    It took me several pages to adjust to the direction Kirk takes later in the novel, but I was rewarded with an unexpectedly humane, emotional, and satisfying ending. Despite its challenges, We Are Monsters left me with a lot to enjoy and think about.

  • On a Successful 2020 Tucson Poetry Festival

    Thank you to members of the board, featured poets, and attendees for a successful and sustaining 2020 Tucson Poetry Festival.

  • Tucson Poetry Festival Featured Poets Reading and Open Mic, April 18-19, 2020

    The 2020 Tucson Poetry Festival will include workshops, a reading by the featured poets, and an open mic.

  • “Witch House”

    Screen shot of table of contents of Issue 36 of online journal Eye to the Telescope

    “Little girls in white dresses skipping rope / & chanting singsong in slow motion we stole / from an 80’s horror film.”

  • Poets and Workshops at the Tucson Poetry Festival, April 18-19, 2020

    When Director Melanie Madden suggested the theme for this year’s annual Tucson Poetry Festival—”Poetry to Sustain Us”—none of us on the Board could have predicted how even more necessary this sustenance would become in 2020.

  • “Passage”

    List of Impossible Archetype Issue 7 poets under journal logo, release date, and URL

    “I drove Pacific Northwest November numb / through trees like tall green drifts to the ocean / seething with chaos.”

  • A Submission Process

    In this new post, I will provide tips and resources so that my workshop students and other writers can submit their best work to potential markets.

  • Writing Workshops for Spring and Summer 2020

    Sonora Desert hills with cactuses Tucson Arizona

    Out of focus circles of light of different sizes and warm and dark colors In addition to my usual 8-week Writers Studio Tucson Workshop, I’m bringing back my popular online “Crafting Fantastic and Imaginative Worlds” workshop for poets and writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror!

  • “The Yogurt Swimmer”

    Coppice & Brake book cover with illustrated crows standing on top of an illustrated doorway open to a picture of trees stand stark and tall in the snow

    “A snout breaks the surface of Greek yogurt in the 32-ounce container I have freshly opened and set on the counter. It sniffs cautiously, then sneezes and sprays yogurt everywhere. I yell. It pokes its entire head out and chirps. Mel is at daycare, Bill at his office. I’m between jobs and spend my days looking for work and being the stay-at-home dad, which includes grocery shopping “I’m not eating this.”