New Poem: “Witch House” in Eye to the Telescope Issue 36

Witch House
Eye to the Telescope (15 Apr 2020)
Available Online: Issue 36 “House & Home”

I’m so excited to have one of my horror poems published! “Witch House” is out now in the “House & Home” issue of Eye to the Telescope, a quarterly online journal and another wonderful publication from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA).

The “house on Prescott Street” is a real house in Portland, Oregon near where I grew up, and though I’m probably conflating and misremembering a lot of details from my school years attending Harvey Scott Elementary across the street, there were rumors about who resided within that house. As an adult, I often recall with chagrin the terrible and discriminatory things we believed without question when we were younger.

Time to let the unknown inhabitant of that house have a little revenge…

The other poems selected by editor Emma J. Gibbon are incredible! I was honestly blown away by this issue and the variety of takes on the theme offered by all the poets. This particular journal is free to read, but an annual membership to the SFPA that includes PDF or print copies of their other publications is a great way to support the organization and speculative poetry.

Little girls in white dresses skipping rope

& chanting singsong in slow motion we stole

from an 80’s horror film. 

from “Witch House”

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