RBG Memorial Challenge

Screenshot of https://rbgchallenge.org website with text that says 'RGB Memorial Challenge. We mourned, and now we fight. 6 weeks, 42 daily tasks, 1 democracy.'

Politics, voting, news, commentary, propaganda, confrontation, arguing… it all fill me with social anxiety, dread, and physical illness, I think because I grew up with a ranting bigoted father and relatives.

Fascism and bigotry make me feel the same way.

To participate in the fight against fascism and bigotry and for social justice, as well as to manage despair, I’m going to need assigned tasks between now and the election. It looks like the RBG Memorial Challenge will provide some of that guidance and discipline.

Today’s challenge was to set up for a weekly donation to the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign from now until election day. I’ve done so. I’m not confident I’ll be able to rise up to every challenge, but I’ll do what I can.

Many people have complaints about the nominated ticket or Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s moderate/authoritarian leanings in her rulings, but I need to focus to survive this election season. We need to focus. The first step to a more progressive future is to overwhelmingly vote out and remove from office and other positions of power Trump, the GOP, and fascist/white supremacist elements.

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