Month: November 2020

  • Fantasy, Issue 61 (November 2020)

    Fantasy, Issue 61 (November 2020)

    Fantasy Magazine has been on hiatus for several years, but new editors Arley Sorg and Christie Yant have relaunched the magazine starting with Issue 61 and four short or flash prose pieces and two poems, along with interviews. In their opening editorial, Sorg and Yant discuss why they’re bringing the magazine back now; it’s a…

  • Lightspeed, Issue 126 (November 2020)

    Lightspeed, Issue 126 (November 2020)

    There’s a humorous tone to some of the stories in the latest issue of Lightspeed Magazine I don’t think I’m really in the right place emotionally right now to completely appreciate, which might explain why my favorite story in this issue is probably “Burn the Ships” by Alberto Yáñez. It’s dark, but also deeply satisfying…

  • Review: Friday the 13th (Film Franchise)

    Review: Friday the 13th (Film Franchise)

    Know that this franchise is mostly awful and an embarrassment to horror. I honestly don’t know why this franchise is popular. Terrible. Just terrible.