My Statement About Transhumanism, Life Extension, and Related Organizations and Movements

11 August 2021 Statement by Richard Leis: “I am no longer involved with most transhumanist, life extension, singularity, and other futurist and emerging technology organizations and movements. At this time (August 2021), I am still a paying member of a cryopreservation company, and, in May 2021, I participated in an interview at this company’s headquarters for a South Korean TV network’s documentary about cryonics and the future, but I am reconsidering my membership and will no longer participate in such activities in support of this or any other organization or movement related to transhumanism, life extension, singularity, cryonics, futurism, emerging technology, etc.

“I mostly ended my involvement in these organizations and movements more than a decade ago. I had become troubled by the white supremacy, racism, colonialism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, and other bigotries and systems of oppression within and perpetuated by these organizations and movements and by their participants. These organizations and movements have failed to address obstacles to an inclusive, equitable, and just future. Revelations about the immoral and unethical beliefs and practices of some prominent participants and donors as well as troubling new allegations of sexual harassment have only furthered my resolve to distance myself from and end my involvement in all such organizations and movements.

“The information presented on my personal website and in interviews, articles, and posts published elsewhere about “h+” and my involvement in the transhumanist, life extension, singularity, and cryonics movements as part of my graphic design portfolio and record of activities represents a chapter of my life that is over.”