Short Fiction: “Goodbye to Rock” in The Molotov Cocktail “Elemental Flash” Issue

The Molotov Cocktail Elemental Flash Issue cover with a golden person or god perhaps on fire descending into a green gas or the atmosphere of a planet, with other planets or moons and a starscape in the background

Goodbye to Rock
The Molotov Cocktail (20 Sep 2021)
Available Online:Elemental Flash” Issue

7th Place: “Elemental Flash” Contest

The Molotov Cocktail is an online zine based in Portland that publishes “volatile flash fiction.” I love the mix of literary, genre, pulp, surrealist, experimental stories they publish every month. In 2017, I started submitting stories to some of their quarterly flash contests. In 2020, a couple of my stories were “close-but-no-cigar” shortlisted.

And now? My flash fiction story “Goodbye to Rock” placed 7th in the “Elemental Flash” contest! The issue was published online today and our stories will be published in a print anthology in the future! I’m grateful to be included; these flash contest issues are always a highlight.

We remind them that road trips and human exploration lead back, without adding “if all goes well.” Ride an explosion, walk on another rocky surface, collect some samples, more vials, return with the samples on top of another explosion. We can be there to cheer them on.

If all goes well.

from “Goodbye to Rock”