Interview: KJZZ’s “Word” Podcast S6:E7

Word. podcast from 91.5 KJZZ Phoenix

I was invited back for the season finale of KJZZ Phoenix’s “Word” podcast, hosted by Tom Maxedon. The episode is available today. It was a pleasure to be able to talk to Tom about many topics, including Mars and HiRISE, the Tucson Poetry Festival and our upcoming January fundraising workshops (more information and registration soon), The Writers Studio and The Writers Studio Tucson, and how my writing has been going during the pandemic. I also read “I Can’t Explain Love or Loss if the Only Language I Have is Geology or What I Watch on YouTube” from Impossible Archetype, Issue 10, published in August.

The other two guests have fascinating and heartbreaking stories to tell. Brad Mayhew discusses his career as a hotshot and later investigator of the devastating fire that claimed the life of 19 firefighters in 2013. He’s working on a memoir.

Susan Vespoli is a poet with a new poetry collection coming soon about dealing with two of her children’s opioid addictions. The poem she reads, “Chicken,” is a beautifully written gut punch.