Black Tide by KC Jones

Black Tide by K.C. Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Oregon Coast becomes the site for a spectacular and unexpected meteor shower, followed by a grueling struggle to survive by two people already struggling to survive their day-to-day lives. I grew to care about these characters as their story unfolds over an action-packed and harrowing 24-hour period. There’s also a dog who knows something is very wrong long before the humans do and another brave character I don’t want to spoil. The rapid pace of the action kept me turning the pages, but I appreciate how the monsters were revealed slowly, with inventive details that kept them unique from creatures in other novels and movies I initially wanted to compare them to.

Black Tide features compelling characters, scary monsters, and an apocalyptic pace, making this an easy recommendation. I’m looking forward to what KC Jones comes up with next!

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