🎬 I honestly wasn’t all that excited at first despite enjoying the first movie very much, but Deadpool 2 turns out to be really funny, exciting, and touching. Lots of momentum from start to finish, with many unexpected moments and surprising twists and turns.


🎬 Just watched The Rider from writer/director Chloé Zhao and starring Brady Jandreau (and his real father and sister.) The film lightly fictionalizes his real-life search for identity after a terrible rodeo accident. Incredible film full of understated emotion and tension.


I switched to a new theme in WordPress and merged my microblog with my blog. Seems to be the efficient choice. Now I’m testing the various ways to post, including this post from the iOS Micro.blog app. This integration is kind of amazing!

I accomplished 30 poems in 30 days for #napowrimo/#glopowrimo, plus additional fragments, images, and lines! Plenty of material to revisit and revise.

Journals consider online posts published, so I no longer share my Na/GloPoWriMo poems. But I’ll share a favorite line or image at the end of the week.

A word from yesterday’s poem: “bully”

A word from today’s: “Mars”