Crowdfunding Possibilities 16 November 2013

These are the crowdfunding projects I'm supporting, considering supporting, or otherwise wanting to share this week. Unstuck #3: New Literature of the Fantastic and the Surreal Ends on November 20, 2013. "A big, lavishly illustrated new anthology of short stories, poems, and essays with elements of the improbable and the uncanny." Obduction Ended on November … Continue reading Crowdfunding Possibilities 16 November 2013

Fundraising for Emerging Technologies Organizations in 2012

The following emerging technology organizations are raising money for 2012. Over the past few years the amount of money being donated to these types of causes has grown exponentially, but that was starting from about zero. Now that ideas like healthy life extension, accelerating technology, Friendly AGI and the Technological Singularity have gone mainstream, there … Continue reading Fundraising for Emerging Technologies Organizations in 2012

Grassroots Effort to Raise Money for SENS Research

[11 August 2021 Statement by Richard Leis about Transhumanism, Life Extension, and Related Organizations and Movements] The SENS Foundation and supporters of radical life extension are turning to a social networking platform in an attempt to raise over $1 million for research. By the end of 2009 they hope to sign up 10,000 people committed … Continue reading Grassroots Effort to Raise Money for SENS Research

The 2.0 Project on Marblejars

[Commentary] Mark McAllister started The 2.0 Project a couple years ago to bring attention to the plight of those who cannot secure the insurance or funding required for cryonics preservation services due to pre-existing conditions. I interviewed him for a Frontier Channel article about his efforts and he has since become a good friend. … Continue reading The 2.0 Project on Marblejars