3-D Printing Via TechCrunch: “Stratasys Acquiring MakerBot in $403M Deal, Combined Company Will Likely Dominate 3D Printing Industry“ Robotics Indiegogo project: “Help Make Me the World’s Smartest Robot“ Space Science Kickstarter project: Planetary Resources’ “ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone” Kickstarter project reaches U.S.$1 million with 11 days to go METI “Shouting at the Cosmos” […]

(1) Manufacturing coming back to the United States. * “Foxconn Plans American Expansion as Clients Seek Made in U.S.A.” * “Apple CEO Tim Cook announces plans to manufacture Mac computers in USA” Yes, this is a big and exciting trend, but this manufacturing is not likely your mother or father’s manufacturing. Lots of human engineers […]

Last time I offered a few suggestions about what you and I can do about the jobs problem, being that this is a problem of demographics and technology, and you and I are technology enthusiasts. Local, national, and global discussions that FINALLY places demographics and technology in their rightful, primary positions. Here is what I […]

[Updated May 17, 2018 to fix article link.] Marshall Brain has suggested that in about 30 years we will be at 50% unemployment because of robotics and automation. He specifically predicted robots building our homes and structures in his “Robotic Nation” essay. Now he brings us word of a home-building robot prototype and he suggests […]

[Updated May 17, 2018 with new article link.] Chatty robots, cocktail-shaking computers, pen phones wow CeBIT crowds (AFP). AFP – A chatting robot, a BMW that can make dinner reservations and a computer server that can mix a dry martini are among the gadgets drawing crowds at the start of the CeBIT, the world’s biggest […]