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  • “I See and It’s Not Nearly Enough”

    “I See and It’s Not Nearly Enough”

    “I see how police officers and forces and governments react when they are challenged for their violent policies and racist behaviors. I see how they empower and embrace white supremacy groups and vigilantes while targeting Black people, people of color, peaceful and agitated demonstrators. I see how so many Americans have opinions about rioting and…

  • “Work Schedule”

    “Work Schedule”

    “COMMANDMENTS 1. Work on one project at a time until finished. 2. I’ll be done when I’m done: Don’t set or worry about deadlines; finish and move on to the next task.”

  • “Ancient Moments of Telling”

    “Ancient Moments of Telling”

    “Biologists reconstruct the descent histories of life forms on planet Earth as the tree of life, its dense trunks and branches leading from common ancestors to new species. Such phylogenetic relationships are not limited to biology.”

  • “Magic Mirrors on Every Wall”

    “Magic Mirrors on Every Wall”

    “Locations are connected by wormholes.”

  • “Cosplay Buffet”

    “Cosplay Buffet”

    “How far are people willing to alter their appearance?”

  • “What We Lose”

    “What We Lose”

    “What must a boy lose to become a little bird? In “The Juniper Tree,” by the Brothers Grimm, the boy loses more than just his head and his life after he is murdered by his evil stepmother.”

  • “Once Upon a Microchip”

    “Once Upon a Microchip”

    “In ‘A Toy Princess,’ a fairy tale from the 1877 collection On a Pincushion by English writer Mary de Morgan, an emotional and expressive princess named Ursula grows up in a kingdom of such incredible politeness that its subjects have demonized almost any form of empathy or feeling.”

  • “The Technologists Grimm”

    “The Technologists Grimm”

    “New medical technologies may not change boys into birds or the monster-laden into attractive spouses, but they can radically transform both the quality and life expectancy for people suffering from a variety of ailments.”

  • “A Haunting”

    “A Haunting”

    “So when I saw the lizard in my bathroom I decided to let it be. I certainly wasn’t going to kill it, and the other option was to carry it outside, where it was cold and I wondered what beasts might prey on it as soon as I shut the door to my apartment.”

  • “Why We Go to the Ocean”

    “Why We Go to the Ocean”

    “We don’t go to the ocean because there is salt water in our blood. The pH and salt content of our blood might reflect our evolutionary path from the ocean to land, but the physiological requirements to support a periodic human migration would be staggering. Imagine the difficulty someone would have with blood singing for…

  • “No Graveyard”

    “No Graveyard”

    “Alcor is no graveyard.”