RADIO Frontier Channel

RADIO Frontier Channel is now defunct.

RADIO Frontier Channel was a podcast from Frontier Channel hosted by Richard Leis in 2005 that included science and technology news and interviews with scientists at the University of Arizona.


RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 01

20 February 2005 This week, in addition to listening to the winds of Titan, we will train our ears on the winds of change here on Earth. The first human-animal chimeras have emerged in laboratories around the world and with them a new debate in bioethics. Biology continues to merge with silicon-based technology. And if […]

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 02

23 February 2005 In this edition of RADIO Frontier Channel, I will explain a little bit more about this podcast, discuss the latest planetary science missions, review the iPod Photo and iPod Shuffle, and briefly explore the Technological Singularity.

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 03

01 March 2005 In this edition of RADIO Frontier Channel, we will hear what some experts are saying about the rising popularity of podcasting and quickly list the latest scientific findings from the Saturnian system by the Cassini space probe.

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 04

21 March 2005 “An Interview with Geologist Jay Quade” In this fourth episode of RADIO Frontier Channel we will hear from Dr. Jay Quade, a professor in the Geosciences Department at the University of Arizona. Dr. Quade was a member of an expedition that discovered hominid fossils in Ethiopia. These fossils have been dated to […]

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 05

12 April 2005 “Life Extension: Sooner Than You Think” This fifth episode of RADIO Frontier Channel is all about human life extension, starting with new drugs coming out very soon that may have unexpected benefits beyond their advertised indications. Will these drugs really extend our lives? Some people are excited, but others want to ban […]

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 06

12 April 2005 “Landing On Mars” Finding a place to land on Mars is harder than you think. In this sixth episode of RADIO Frontier Channel I’ll tell you about a class project to pick a landing spot for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory. Sounds easier enough, until you add some engineering constraints, massive databases […]

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 07

29 April 2005 “An Interview with Becca Walker” In this seventh episode of RADIO Frontier Channel, I speak with Becca Walker, a graduate student in the geosciences program at the University of Arizona. She has been researching the interactions between scientists and teachers in hopes of better understanding how geology is taught to children. Some […]

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 08

03 July 2005 “The Astronomical Council of Doom” A few weeks ago I participated in the “Astronomical Council of Doom” podcast, created by the funny and brilliant folks over at Slacker Astronomy. A few of us astronomy geeks discussed the future direction of the space program, media coverage of astronomy topics, and our favorite science […]

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 09

05 July 2005“Let’s Bomb the Hell Out of a Comet” Welcome to a very special “Let’s Bomb the Hell out of a Comet” edition of RADIO Frontier Channel. I am your host, Richard Leis. Deep Impact’s coffee table-sized Impactor smashed into the nucleus of Comet Tempel 1 late Sunday night and the images received so […]