RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 09

RADIO Frontier Channel Episode 09 Cover

05 July 2005

“Let’s Bomb the Hell Out of a Comet”

Welcome to a very special “Let’s Bomb the Hell out of a Comet” edition of RADIO Frontier Channel. I am your host, Richard Leis. Deep Impact’s coffee table-sized Impactor smashed into the nucleus of Comet Tempel 1 late Sunday night and the images received so far have been spectacular. The traffic to the Deep Impact website yesterday proves yet again that people love a summer blockbuster, but this time reality proved itself to have better special effects than any movie. Join me for an audio tour of the event and follow along with a visual presentation (links below) on the RADIO Frontier Channel website, including some of the best images taken by Deep Impact during the mission. Head on over to, click on the Episode 09 “Show Notes” link, and then click on the “Deep Impact Presentation” link. We will start with Slide 1 and I will let you know during the podcast when to move on to the next slide.