Tag: dark fantasy

  • “In a Mirror, Dimming”

    “In a Mirror, Dimming”

    “Beyond the scarred surface, I saw the bones of the Moon, / the geology of a crime. He would not speak of it.”

  • SFPA Poetry Contest

    SFPA Poetry Contest

    The 2020 SFPA Poetry Contest runs from June 1 through August 31, 2020 and is open to both non-members and members.

  • “Witch House”

    “Witch House”

    “Little girls in white dresses skipping rope / & chanting singsong in slow motion we stole / from an 80’s horror film.”

  • Learning to Horror

    Learning to Horror

    After years of focusing on literary poetry and fiction, including completing my undergraduate education in creative writing and taking writing workshops, I’m finally embracing my original genre aspirations.