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  • Hydrogen-Rich and Fancy-Free in 12 Seconds

    Updated links. 29 August 2023 From the “mother” of all sources (my mother), a new device to reform hydrogen from gasoline has been developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richmond, Washington. What makes this reformer special is its ability to reform enough hydrogen to get a vehicle up and running in only 12…

  • The Frontier Channel Technology Fund

    This fund currently consists of stock in two technology companies: 153.162 shares of Constellation 3D, Inc. [defunct link] (Nasdaq: CDDD) 63.953 shares of Electric Fuel Corporation (Nasdaq: EFCX) The total purchase price of these shares has been $1109.97. At the close of the market on Friday, January 18, 2002 the value of this fund was $203.20

  • Hydrogen Future

    Hydrogen Future

    Hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe, and through the capabilities of fuel cell technology it has the potential to be a potent source of fuel for our cars and energy for our consumer electronics.