Tag: Mars

  • “Goodbye to Rock”

    The Molotov Cocktail Elemental Flash Issue cover with a golden person or god perhaps on fire descending into a green gas or the atmosphere of a planet, with other planets or moons and a starscape in the background

    “We remind them that road trips and human exploration lead back, without adding ‘if all goes well.’ Ride an explosion, walk on another rocky surface, collect some samples, more vials, return with the samples on top of another explosion. We can be there to cheer them on.”

  • “Elysium to Lethe Through Athabasca Valles”

    HiRISE image ESP_057978_1875 Athabasca Valles distributary showing lava flows originating from Elysium Mons to the northwest

    “Lava, perfectly happy to flow like water smoothly / around obstructions”

  • Mars Polar Lander Phone Home

    Frontier Channel Mars Header 2020 with website text next to image of Mars

    Only days ago NASA decided to give up on their attempts to contact the Mars Polar Lander, apparently lost during it approach last month. Now comes word that the Mars Polar Lander may have tried to contact Earth on a couple separate occasions. The feeble signal was only just detected during a new analysis. On […]