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  • Nightmare, Issue 93 (June 2020)

    Nightmare, Issue 93 (June 2020)

    I really love every story in this issue. Everything had the right amount of tension, chills, and ambiguity. There’s an image of attendees at a party after the party is over in “Girls Without Their Faces On” by Laird Barron that will haunt me forever. As will the Dorset Ooser from “We, the Folk” by…

  • Nightmare Magazine, Issue 10

    Nightmare Magazine, Issue 10

    The highlight of this issue is most definitely the interview with Joe Hill. I haven’t read any of his work yet, but I’m really interested now that I’ve read this interview.

  • Nightmare Magazine, Issue 46

    Nightmare Magazine, Issue 46

    I found some of the stories in Issue 46 of Nightmare Magazine to be a little opaque, making for interesting reading and leaving me to think about possible meanings.

  • Nightmare Magazine Issue 1 October 2012

    Nightmare Magazine Issue 1 October 2012

    I’m reading the most recent issues of Nightmare Magazine and also going back to the beginning to read every issue. Fantastic issue!

  • Nightmare Magazine Issue 45 June 2016

    Nightmare Magazine Issue 45 June 2016

    Oh, wow, this is a great issue. I haven’t read a lot of horror short fiction in recent decades and I’ve been curious to see what writers are writing about. Thus, I’m a new subscriber; it has already been rewarding.